Valentine nails 2023: awesome Valentine's day nail art designs near me (2024)

Valentine's Day is one of the favorite holidays, which is celebrated all over the world on February 14th. Lovers exchange gifts, themed parties are organized in cafes and clubs on the occasion of this wonderful holiday. In general, even those who do not celebrate Valentine's Day still feel a special romantic atmosphere in the air. Most of all, girls are preparing for this holiday.

In 2023, the image of a stylish and fashionable girl, especially festive, will not be complete without a beautiful manicure. How to get a themed manicure for Valentine's Day? Here are gorgeous Valentine's day nail art designs.

Valentine nails ideas 2023

Of course, this holiday is primarily associated with the main symbol of all lovers - the heart. Stylish manicure with hearts, made in red or pink colors, is perhaps the most popular Valentine nails design 2023. Manicure with angels, ribbons, kisses, gold, or silver is also popular. In 2023, the trend is a discreet, stylish, natural manicure in the style of minimalism. Therefore, when making a manicure for Valentine's Day, try not to paint all your nails, but make only the right accents indicating the theme of the holiday.

Check out popular nail design ideas for 2023.

Trendy Valentine's day nails 2023 should be delicate and sophisticated, and the decor and drawings should only play the role of an accent - unobtrusive and graceful. In addition to red and pink colors in Valentine nails ideas, you can use pale pink, powdery, cream, coffee. The decor can be gold or silver, inscriptions and sliders on the nails will be fashionable.

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Negative Space Nail Art

If you want to make a monochromatic manicure, then remember that the Negative Space Nail Art technique is now popular. All nails are covered with gel polish, and an unpainted heart-shaped area remains on one or two nails. Nowadays, nude design is very popular, in which you can safely use the technique of manicure with negative space. As a result, you will get a daily themed manicure that will remind you of the holiday and at the same time fit into the business dress code.

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French nails and moon heart design

The classic French or lunar design is also relevant in 2023. It is enough to simply decorate the red French manicure with the help of stickers and you will already have a thematic design. But you can go further and make a French nail design in the shape of a heart. It is enough to outline the middle and borders with the help of small dots, and then apply varnish along the border of the drawing with a standard brush (while part of the nail remains unpainted).

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Valentine nails 2023 with rhinestones

What other options for decorating nails can you use besides stickers? You can quickly lay out a heart made of rhinestones or metal rivets for nail design on the ring fingernail, or carefully cut out the holiday symbol from gold foil. By the way, you can find rhinestones and nail decorations made immediately in the shape of a heart in online stores.

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Valentine nails design in the style of minimalism

For the second year, along with bright and pretentious designs, manicure with small modest drawings in the style of minimalism is gaining popularity. As a rule, nails are covered with a monochromatic varnish and a design is applied to one or two of them in the form of a small-sized pattern or an attached accessory. Such a manicure cannot be called festive, but many girls love this modest and at the same time stylish design.

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Volumetric heart in the form of a pendant

Now it is fashionable to make volumetric designs using broken glass, foil, rubbing, covered with a layer of top or stained glass varnish. On Valentine's Day, you can depict a heart in the form of a pendant on one nail.

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Valentine's day nails 2023 with acrylic sand

Drawings on nails sprinkled with acrylic sand or powder look very nice. There are two options for the design of the nails: in one of them, the picture is sprinkled with colored sand, in the other, colored gel paint and transparent acrylic are used. Flock can be used to create a plush design. It is not very practical, but it looks cute.

Valentine's Day Manicure "Couple in Love"

Playful and unusual Valentine nails design can be performed with the image of a couple in love on one or more nails - these can be your favorite cartoon characters, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, bunnies, bears, cats, and other characters. You can complement such a romantic nail art with a couple of hearts or rhinestones.

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Valentine nails 2023 in the style of "different hands"

For lovers of small experiments, we offer to implement on Valentine's Day a creative design of nails in the style of "different hands", performing on one hand a delicate manicure in nude design, and on the other - a dark version of the manicure. Use sliders in the form of inscriptions or drawings, glitter, and kamifubuki, making hearts from them, or make transparent hearts using the "negative space" technique.

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Valentine nails 2023: awesome Valentine's day nail art designs near me (2024)


What is the color of nails for Valentine's Day? ›

Simple and fun, the easiest way to achieve a chic Valentine's Day nail is to paint each finger different shades of pink and red.

What is the nail trend in February 2024? ›

2024 Nail Trend: Oyster Nails

"Dewy" isn't just for your skin and hair anymore. Nope, we're taking glow to our nails, thanks to the nail looks at Sandy Liang, Annie's Ibiza, and Alice and Olivia. Think: Shimmery, duo-chrome sheer shades in ultra-glossy finishes that mimic an oyster or mother of pearl.

Where can I find nail Inspo? ›

Here are Cosmo's nine best places to find inspiration for your next nail design.
  • Pinterest. We might as well cover the most obvious and popular item first. ...
  • Kiara Sky Professional Nails. ...
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine. ...
  • Nail Career Education. ...
  • #nailsofinstagram. ...
  • Nailstyle. ...
  • Good Housekeeping. ...
  • Nail Sunny.

What is the most popular color on Valentine's Day? ›

Reds and pinks pair well with white and pastel colors, too. In general, pink is the definitive color of Valentine's Day. (Plus, it's my girlfriend's favorite.)

What colors look best on nails? ›

While individual preferences can vary, there are some shades that tend to be universally flattering, including:
  • Nude shades that lean slightly pink or peachy.
  • Classic soft pinks.
  • Taupe shades with a balance of warm and cool undertones.
  • Rose golds with a subtle shimmer.
Sep 30, 2023

What is the hottest nail trend? ›

Molten chrome accents

One of the biggest nail trends and pedicure colors of 2023 was chrome — specifically, a full set of monochromatic silver that screamed bling. But for 2024 nail art, the megawatt shine will be dialed back and replaced with molten chrome accents that snake along your nails like flames.

What color nails for February? ›

“A rich and luxurious dark red that can be worn either as a solid or incorporated into a negative space design” is a great option for your February manicure, Haye says. “Dark red shades give a divine touch of drama to your nails.”

What color nails to wear in February 2024? ›

Here are some of our favourite colour combinations that we think are the perfect choice for a February set. Delicate pinks, creamy whites, gentle lavenders and a sneaky unreleased PureBuild 3 shade!

Does Jennifer Aniston paint her nails? ›

Naturally, Jennifer Aniston had a manicurist paint her nails for the event because she usually wears bare nails or a very nude glossy colour.

What is the rich girl nail trend? ›

A twist on the classic nude nail look, the rich girl manicure features neutral polish in a slightly unexpected way, whether it's a sheer coat of color, a mega glossy finish, a milky ombré effect, or something in between.

What nail color is trending now? ›

Think fiery reds, splashy blues, and even vivid yellows alongside classic springtime hues like lavender and pink.

What color is Valentine's Day colors? ›

Pop into any flower shop or even a festive hotel or restaurant and there's no arguing that red, white, and pink are the official colors of Valentine's Day. As a holiday centered around love and romance, it's no surprise that these bold colors with their rich pasts are associated with the celebration.

What color nails are best in February? ›

“Purple is considered royalty,” Haye points out, noting that dark purple polish is perfect for February nail looks. “Women want luxury manicures with a touch of elegance during the month of love. Adding colors like silver or accent pieces to dark purple creates a striking contrast.” Another option?

What color nails in February? ›

Winter nail colors in particular are known to be cooler, richer, and more muted than other seasons of the year. The most popular winter nail colors include dark purples, intense blues, luxurious golds, and deep forest greens, according to Rianna Basurto, director of marketing and brand development at Bellacures.

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