Partial Real Hair Wigs for Women | Shop Human Hair Toppers for Women (2024)

Partial real hair wigs for women are a type of frontal wig that only covers part of your head. Also known by the names half wigs, toppers, or wig extensions, partial real hair wigs help women conceal bald spots and thinning completely. Since they are made of 100% human hair, they tend to blend well with real scalp hair.

Partial real hair wigs are a great way for women to keep thinning in check, add volume, and boost style aesthetic. Real hair wigs for women also create a fabulous fullness from the crown to the back.

Not everything you see in films is true. Lordhair’s hair wigs for women are known for their easy, secure, and confident fit. They can be attached using sturdy combs/clips with ease, meaning there is no chance our partial real hair wigs will come off easily.

The process of wearing partial wigs is simple and straightforward. All women need to do is to follow these steps:

● Order a real hair wig that fits your hair goals.

● Gently remove the protective hair net from the real hair wig.

● Give it a few good shakes to separate the fibers. Some partial wigs for women need to be shaken to release the pre-set styling.

● Secure your real hair wig with glue, tape of clips.

Discover the best frontal wigs for women on Lordhair!

Of course, yes! A little trim on real wigs is usually hassle-free. However, if you are considering restyling or thinning your non surgical hair replacement, we highly recommend taking it to one of our partner hair salons or using our real hair wig customization services. Email us at in case of queries.

Lordhair’s real hair wigs are designed using the latest technology and human hair fibers sourced ethically. Meaning, there is no issue coloring our real hair wigs. However, it is highly advised to visit a wig salon if you haven’t done it before. It will make sure that your real hair wig or frontal wig doesn’t get damaged during the hair dying process.

If your partner is losing hair too, we recommend checking our collection of hair toupees and men’s wigs for sale.

Since Lordhair’s realistic wigs for women are made of 100% human hair, you need to wash and care for them like real hair if you want them to last. Treat your real hair wigs with the care that you would treat your own hair. Brush them, wash them & love them. Here's a full step-by-step guide on how to wash your real hair wigs.

If you want to play it safe and you're aiming for a color that makes your real hair wigs blend well with scalp hair and let you achieve a hyper-realistic look, then, try to stick to something close to your natural hair color or shade. Also, make sure that the frontal wig complements your skin tone.

Thinking of changing your scalp hair color and want to pick the wig color according to it? Don't be afraid to try something new and explore our collection of real hair wigs for sale.

Our collection of hair systems for men is amazing too!

Partial real wigs are considered as an ideal solution for women who have a bald patch (or multiple ones) over a specific area, crown for example. Real hair wigs might not work well if you are facing hair loss all over your scalp though. Lordhair suggests buying full cap hair wigs over partial real hair wigs to conceal multiple bald patches.

We have a growing range of premium real hair wigs for women that are great for this purpose. Just like partial real hair wigs, they are designed using a light and breathable cap. Also, our real hair wigs allow multi-directional styling for a natural feel. Check out our complete collection of hair integration systems for women as well.

Both real hair wigs and synthetic wigs are great choices for you depending on your budget and needs. However, real hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel.

Real hair wigs designed with human hair are remarkably soft and have a shine and movement that cannot be spoofed by synthetic hair. Pick the right hair type to get the perfect real hair wig for your head.

There are generally six basic types of partial wigs for women depending on hair type:

● Chinese real hair wigs

● Indonesian real hair wigs

● European real hair wigs

● Brazilian real hair wigs

● Remy real hair wigs

● Indian real hair wigs

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Hair wigs with Chinese hair are known to have thicker denier which results in the strands being extremely straight. Since they are more resistant to curls, they can be harder to style. Nonetheless, real hair wigs with Chinese hair provide women a realistic look and a superb experience.

Hair wigs with Indian hair are one of the most common partial real hair wigs used by women for overcoming patchy hair loss. They blend well with just about any hair, most especially Caucasian. Real hair wigs with Indian human hair achieves hair that looks and behaves like real scalp hair. Indian hair wigs are smooth and don’t tangle easily.Start shopping wigs for sale on Lordhair.

Remy partial wigs for women are considered premium. Their hair follicles run in the same direction. These real hair wigs don’t tangle much and look and feel silkier. On, women can find high-grade Remy partial real hair wigs at reasonable prices. No wonder, there’s a huge demand for Remy hair units globally.

Buying a real hair wig for the first time can be overwhelming, especially for women who are completely new to the world of hair replacement and styling products. We suggest considering these tips in order to buy the best frontal real hair wigs in 2023:

● Choose the right human hair type for your partial real hair wig

● Find the right cap construction for your patchy hair loss

● Measure the circumference

● Pick the right hair color for the real hair wig

● Read product description carefully

Email us at in case of queries. Our experts will help you select the best real hair wigs for hair loss recovery.

As the name suggests, stock wigs are “off-the-shelf” hair units that can be shipped right away by the supplier. Favored for being an economical choice by women, stock real hair wigs are majorly preferred when ladies want their partial real hair wigs to reach them as soon as possible. Quickest delivery is what stock real hair wigs are all about.

Custom real hair wigs are tailored with unique hair goals in mind. Custom hair wigs tend to be the best option for women who want their frontal wigs to have specific attributes in terms of hair color, density, texture, coverage, and base.

While stock real hair wigs come in an assortment of styles and base options, custom wigs for women bring the freedom of picking almost anything.

Custom real hair wigs are considered as best option for women who want their non surgical hair replacement system to:

● Be designed to fit their head perfectly

● Cover patchy hair loss or thinning

● Be strictly created as per their preferences

Whether you aim to conceal hair loss or simply want to switch up your style, partial hair wigs can get the job done.

Here are benefits of wearing real hair wigs for women:

● They can be styled like human hair

● They blend seamlessly with real scalp hair

● They hide hair loss without causing any side effects

● They deliver a natural look

● Most hair units are super durable

Lordhair’s partial real hair wigs for women are breathable and comfortable as well. Browse our catalog to pick the best real hair wigs for you!

I want to buy real hair wigs made of lace but I also want to try other lace units.

Lace is an important constituent part of Lordhair’s frontal hair wigs for women. Here are different types of women’s real hair wigs according to the lace area:

● Lace front hair wigs

● Crown lace hair wigs

● Full lace frontal wigs

● 360 lace hair wigs

Here are the best partial wigs types for women available on our website as per texture:

● Curly real hair wigs

● Natural wave real hair wigs

● Straight real hair wigs

● Kinky frontal wigs

Note: Some of these hair wigs are the result of customization and are not readily available.

Although all of our real hair wigs are of premium quality, 100% hand tied and monofilament real hair wigs are known to be gentler on sensitive scalps of girls. These types of partial real hair wigs are specifically designed to make the sensitive scalp feel airy and comfortable.Shop real hair wigs for sale on our website!

Every real hair wigs manufacturer and supplier provides a set of instructions that should be followed to maintain the quality and lifespan of products. We also suggest storing your partial real hair wigs on a mannequin head or wig stand to maintain their shape when not in use. Also, just like real hair, frontal wigs also get dirty and greasy, especially during summer. So, wash your partial wigs when necessary.

Check out these toupees for men as well if your partner is experiencing hair loss.

Most female customers of Lordhair prefer to buy partial real hair wigs that come with clips. Just like there are many kinds of real hair wigs (of different base materials, lengths, and hair type), there are multiple methods of attachment as well to help keep real hair wigs in place! Some other real hair wigs attachment options are adhesive tapes, glue, and clips. The choice is ultimately up to you and it majorly depends on your hair and comfort goals.

The lifespan of real hair wigs depends on two major factors: base type and maintenance. Usually, it ranges between a couple of months and a year. The lifespan of partial real hair wigs also relies on how it is used and the lifestyle of the wearer. Ask your supplier about durability after you have decided which real hair wig you want to buy.

Remember, an excellent result with partial real hair wigs hinges on two factors:

● Buying premium real hair wigs

● Good cut-in and styling.

Women who are purchasing stock or custom real hair wigs for the very first time and aren’t familiar with a professional salon or barber can contact us for recommendations. Our wig experts will recommend a hairpiece salon for real hair wigs attachment.

We have dozens of before and after pictures of women wearing wigs here.

If you want to see more, get in contact with our customer support team by sending us an email on We will drop some video links and images in your email. In the meantime, watch this video featuring one of our female customers wearing a real hair wig.

No, we currently don’t sell wigs heads for real hair wigs (Or any wig head for that matter). Lordhair is best known for its highly breathable and comfortable women’s full cap wigs, real hair wigs, and wig tapes.

Yes, absolutely! Lordhair designs real hair wigs for its French customers. We recommend visiting our website to pick the best partial real hair wigs matching your hair requirements.

We ship real hair wigs for women globally with FREE and fast shipping. Order your stock or custom partial real hair wigs from Morocco or any other country within minutes.

We ship premium partial real hair wigs worldwide and a lot of our customers are based in the USA.

We ship stock real hair wigs as well as custom real hair wigs for women globally. Asia is one of our biggest markets!

India is home to a lot of our partner salons. Hence, we ship thousands of frontal real hair wigs to the country every month.

Yes, you can buy our premium partial real hair wigs for women from Czech Republic. There is a huge demand for Lordhair's frontal wigs in Czech Republic.

Yes, you can buy our premium partial wigs from Russia.

We recommend below three base types for stock and custom hair wigs for women that are stuck on the head:

● Lace real hair wigs

● Polyurethane real hair wigs

● Monofilament real hair wigs

Lifestyle, usage, and aesthetics are key to determine the best type of stock and custom real hair wigs for you.

Go for a partial wig with a lace front to recover from frontal hair loss. It’s also recommended if you want a swept back style (exposing the front hairline of the topper).

We also recommend a polyurethane (PU) real hair wig with a fringe covering the front edge. Real hair wigs are easier to care for when you get some experience handling them.

Most women find that their real hair wigs blend better and better with time, and this is primarily due to the fact that they have learnt how to style and maintain it in a way that matches their hair and suits their lifestyle.

The pull effect on your partial hair wig, be it stock or custom, comes into picture during brushing, sleeping, washing, wearing hats or helmets. All of them affect the lifespan of real wigs if not done correctly.If we have answered all your questions already, then, go ahead and discover real hair wigs for sale!

Most of us are sensitive to many natural as well as artificial elements including certain plastics, metals, pollens, and perfumes. The same can be said for the hair materials (such as polyurethane) used to design real hair wigs for women. It may cause allergy or irritation in a minute number of women.

But that doesn’t mean real hair wigs are hazardous or dangerous. An incredibly small percentage of women may experience allergies. Those who do are usually aware about the allergic reaction before wearing a real hair wig or topper.

No, Lordhair doesn’t use hazardous materials in its real hair wigs for women. In fact, no materials classed as hazardous are used in any type of hair units sold on our website. We deeply care about the wellbeing of our customers. All of our real hair wigs undergo rigorous testing and approvals. Any irritation or allergy from real hair wigs is most likely to be the result of an existing allergy or medical condition.

Normally, production of custom wigs takes less than 3 months. Depending on the perplexity of the customization and type of material required, Lordhair’s custom real hair wigs for women can be with you within 2-3 months. If you can’t wait that long, stock wigs and hair integration products will reach you in less than a week!

Can partial real hair wigs help women conceal hair loss all over the scalp? No. For that, Lordhair suggests buying full cap hair wigs.

Can real hair wigs help you overcome temporary or permanent balding spots over a specific area? Yes, they can!

Short and long wigs for women cover the balding regions perfectly. The best thing is that no one will be able to tell if you are wearing a hair piece!

Discovering premium real hair wigs near you could be tough since hair units are designed from scratch and not available off-the-shelf. It’s best and easiest to order one from our website, An average stock real hair wig can be with you within 5-7 working days. Custom real hair wigs, on the other hand, will take a couple of months to be ready for fitting.

You might have noticed that many wig shops and video tutorials will advise you to buy several real hair wigs. Although it is fine to have one short or long real hair wig for women handy, it is definitely a good idea to keep multiple real hair wigs. Why? Well, a topper undergoes more damage if worn daily. Rotating hair units however eases the pressure.

Having a couple of stock or custom wigs will also allow you to switch things up without going through too much work. So, we totally recommend purchasing multiple real hair wigs for women.

When purchasing new partial real hair wigs, caps should get a lot of attention. To help women choose the right hair topper cap, we offer a wide variety of them.

Here are different types of cap constructions to consider for your partial real hair wigs:

● Basic wig cap (wefted)

● Monofilament wig cap

● Lace front wig cap

● Full lace wig cap

● Skin wig cap

Lordhair has also prepared a resource that will help you understand the different types of real hair wigs construction. Please read this blog on types of wig caps to learn about them!

Buying hair wigs or any other type of hair unit is not an easy task, especially for women who are new to the world of hair replacement systems and buying them for the first time. Here are some useful tips to buy the best real hair wigs for women:

● Pick a hair piece that covers the bald region perfectly

● Make sure it matches your real hair density and texture

● Make sure its base is breathable, realistic, and lightweight.

● Pick real hair wigs that fall under your budget.

● If you are buying custom real hair wigs, make sure the cut-in service you are going for is good (Lordhair has a handy cutting & styling service, you can choose at checkout!).

We recommend designing non-surgical custom real hair wigs with Lordhair to recover from partial hair loss and crown thinning. Send us an email on in case of queries!

Lace real hair wigs are hair units in which human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which sits over the specific area of the scalp. These have versatility and look more natural in comparison to regular hair wigs.

While stock lace real hair wigs come in an assortment of styles and base options (HD, Swiss, etc.), custom lace real hair wigs bring the freedom of picking almost everything for women.

Whether you want to switch up your hairstyle or aim to conceal patchy hair loss, lace real hair wigs can get the job done.

Here are advantages of wearing lace real hair wigs:

● They are breathable

● They hide partial hair loss without causing any side effects

● They deliver a natural look

● They are durable

Lace real hair wigs are super comfortable as well.

The answer is plain and simple - ability to completely regain hair over a specific scalp area without medications and surgical procedures. Partial real hair wigs are literally the easiest way to regain hair for women.

Our frontal real hair wigs for women are worn worldwide to treat receding hairline and get back a full head of hair. Whether you lost your hair to a medical condition, stress, hormonal changes, or a bad lifestyle, real hair wigs can aid recovery with ease.

When shopping for premium lace real hair wigs, women come across many different types of lace material. Some of them are:

● Swiss lace

● Transparent lace

● HD lace

● French lace

● Korean lace

● Clear lace

Send us an email on to learn what works best for you. Our team of real hair wigs and hair systems specialists will support you in every way!

That depends on your requirements. Most beginners choose stock real hair wigs. It covers the majority of women’s topper wearers. Women who have specific hair requirements (longer hair length, high gray percentage, low hair density, etc.) often go with custom real hair wigs.

Most stock real hair wigs for women are cut to a certain length with a very slight wave and with no styling. So, after purchasing stock real hair wigs, most ladies choose the extra cut & styling service that Lordhair offers for only $20.

Some common mistakes that could ruin stock and custom real hair wigs are:

● Over-plucking

● Over-bleaching

● Over-dyeing

● Cutting too much base off

● Washing and conditioning partial wigs with the wrong products.

● Excessive use of styling tools.

● Putting partial wigs in an unclean cabinet or box.

Note: If you put real hair wigs away without washing and conditioning, your topper will be in a mess when you want to wear it again.

Partial Real Hair Wigs for Women | Shop Human Hair Toppers for Women (2024)
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