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Located in NC, K&K Hair Salon is a highly-regarded and well-known beauty salon that approaches beauty in a holistic manner. With a reputation for providing top-notch beauty services in a warm and relaxing environment, the salon is committed to ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for every client. Offering a luxurious blend of beauty treatments and unparalleled customer service, K&K Hair Salon is the perfect choice for women seeking a VIP experience.

From the moment you step through the doors of K&K Hair Salon, you will feel fabulous. Whether you are interested in waxing, a full-body massage, a facial, or any other service, the professionals at the salon will ensure that you are well taken care of. In addition to providing a range of beauty services, K&K Hair Salon is also a place where individuals can come alone or with friends to relax and engage in some self-care. The salon places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and is always open to feedback and suggestions to ensure the best possible experience for each visit.

Scheduling an appointment at K&K Hair Salon is easy and convenient.The salon is located at 1100 Broadway Rd, in Sanford, and visitors are welcome to drop by in person to meet the team and take a tour of the facility before booking.

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Beauty Salon FAQs

  • Is it possible to customize my beauty package at K&K Hair Salon in Sanford?

    Yes, K&K Hair Salon in Sanford is happy to accommodate customization requests to ensure that clients receive the specific treatments and services they desire. The salon encourages clients to discuss their needs and preferences with the staff to create a personalized beauty package.

  • Am I able to book multiple beauty services for a single visit at K&K Hair Salon in Sanford?

    Yes, clients are encouraged to book multiple services during a single visit to maximize their time and experience at K&K Hair Salon in Sanford. The salon's staff will work diligently to coordinate the appointments and ensure a seamless experience.

  • How does K&K Hair Salon in Sanford ensure a clean and hygienic environment within the salon?

    K&K Hair Salon in Sanford takes hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. All tools and equipment are sterilized before and after each use, and the salon adheres to all industry-standard sanitation practices to ensure a safe and clean environment for both clients and staff.

  • What is the appointment cancellation policy at K&K Hair Salon in Sanford?

    K&K Hair Salon has a cancellation policy in place to ensure fairness to both clients and staff. Clients are encouraged to review the salon's policy in detail and to contact the salon directly with any questions.

  • How do I book an appointment for K&K Hair Salon?

    You can call K&K Hair Salon directly, or visit their website for more info on booking appointments.


K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (1)

Emily A.


Something told me to trust Miss Kim and I am so happy I did!! The cut I wanted was not an easy one. Someone could've messed me up easily!
Not miss Kim! Her walking me through the cut as she went and how to style it. Also her attention to detail really made me feel comfortable and happy with my decision
Can't wait to set an appointment for more blonde

K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (2)

K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (3)

Michelle T.


Love Kim! Moved to NC recently, and was lucky enough to find Kim and her salon. Wonderful woman and awesome hair stylist!!!

K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (4)

Jennifer M.


First time customer. Kim did an amazing job. Will definitely be returning && highly recommend

K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (5)

Vanessa F.


New to Sanford, I chose this salon because of the good reviews. I am happy to say the reviews were correct! Kim did a great job cutting and styling my hair. She was friendly and professional! I wanted to get highlights but she advised me to let my hair grow out because it was over processed from many years of home box dye. I appreciated her honest and expert advice. She gave me a great cut and a wonderful style. I look forward to my next visit!

K&K Hair Salon | Beauty salon in Sanford, NC (6)

Kim B.


I was desperate for a root touch up before an important work trip in February....took me a minute to write this.... Kim took me in at the last minute even though I had never been there before... I usually go to Raleigh. She did an EXCELLENT job on my hair! The blondes were the best that I've had in a while! Her pricing was very reasonable!! I think I've got a new hair dresser and no more long trips to Raleigh! Thank you Kim!!!!

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