Beacon City - A Superhero Crossover RP (2024)

Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Alignment: Hero
Appearance: TheBeacon City - A Superhero Crossover RP (1) BlueBeacon City - A Superhero Crossover RP (2) BlurBeacon City - A Superhero Crossover RP (3)

  • Super Speed: What the Blue Hedgehog is famous for! The fastest he can go casually is 150 miles per hour, and is pushing himself he can go up to 300. While he says he can possibly break the sound barrier, there has not been a time he has actually done this, though no one actually doubts that he can.......
  • Physical Capabilities:
    • Superhuman Reaction Time and Reflexes
    • Enhanced Physical Durability
    • Very low level super strength
    • Superhuman agility
    • Enhanced Jumping ability
  • Super Durable Quills: Unique among hedgehog are his quills are strong enough to cut and smash through steel if he is going fast enough while inside a ball.
  • Harnessing Chaos Energy: Currently, Sonic is one of the extremely few individuals on the planet known to be able to safely harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds directly into his body all at once.
    • Super Sonic: A superpowered form that Sonic can access , and is capable of speeds twice the speed of sound and gives off a fiery aura which can destroy inorganic matter that touches him instantly, gives the power of flight, and allows him to survive in extremely harsh environments, such as underwater, in radioactive hot zones, and even safely travel through space. Rarely, however, does he actually need to resort to this and so far has only done so on two or three occasions. He is also suspectible to being hit by powerful enough blows of kinetic energy, such as missile fire, and he needs a steady supply of rings in order to maintain his form.


  • Rolling: Natural hedgehog's ability to roll into a ball. However, as well as Sonic's super durable quills, Sonic takes the rolling a few steps further.
    • Spin Dash: Curls up into a ball and revs himself up while on the ground, gaining power and momentum. Once release, Sonic shoots out like a bullet, smashing through obstacles in his way and gaining speeds far faster than when he usually runs.
    • Homing Attack: While in the air, he can home in and smash targets at great distances, even chaining together hits if possible.
    • Insta-Shield: Produces a split second burst of deflective energy that can block any projectile attack at comes his way. However, the timing has to be very precise.
  • Super Peel-Out: Similar to the spin dash, Sonic runs in place at incredibly speeds and then launch himself forward. While this gives him a burst of speed, this move is not as effective as the Spin Dash and he uses it mostly to show-off.
  • Light Speed Dash: Allow him to move at the speed of light when there is a chain of rings in front of him. However, he cannot control where he is going while doing this dash and completely at the mercy of the ring placement.
  • Martial Arts: Despite having zero formal training, Sonic is a master at hand-to-hand combat, mostly incorporating break dancing moves into his own self-taught fighting style. While it can easily overpower most opponents, it can easily be countered by more experienced, formally taught opponents.
  • Super Stomp: While in the air, Sonic can slam himself straight down onto the down with forces capable of smashing clean through thin material, including wood.

Weapons/Equipment: The only piece of equipment Sonic has or even needs are his specially designed running sneakers, custom made to withstand the abuse of the constant running Sonic does and allows his to grind on almost every surface imaginable, just as long as its pole shaped.

Personality: Sonic is a free spirit with a deep sense of adventure, always running to meet new people and see new places. He is a very sociable type, always wanting to make new friends but he tends to get co*cky about his own abilities and never turns down a speed based challenge. He is rather impulsive, which has gotten him in trouble more than a few times, and can seem constantly impatient, though the latter is because other are just going too slow for his tastes. While Sonic is always willing to lend a helping hand and is pretty easy going and laid back, there are two things that really angers him the most: Harming others unduly, and oppression. The hedgehog will go in and mess up the instigator if he sees either due to a strong sense of justice within him as well. Sonic also has an intense fear of being submerged, almost laughably so.

Possessions: Though it may not look like it, Sonic does have a hefty back account, due to gaining royalties received after his Uncle Chuck sold some of prototypes of Sonic's special shoes to a company named SOAP, a subsidiary of Wayne Tech Enterprises. Even with all of his money, the speedster doesn't really care about it anyway. He prefers to sleep outside anyway and only ever really go indoors when invited and/or during heavy weather. Currently he's plans to crash at one of the many workshops his buddy Tails owns, located in a field on the outskirts of the city. He also plans to DJ at some of the city's clubs during his downtime. He also has a smartphone to keep in contact with all of his friends and acquaintences.

Origin: Ten years ago in South Island, one of the many secluded congregations of the Mobian race, a collection of various humanoid animals, and one of the last to fully interact with the outside world, was hit with a terrible hurricane. During this time, Sally Acorn, the daughter of the royal family, was out looking for her pet dog while her parents and servants were frantically looking for her. By the time they realized she was outside in the middle of the hurricane, Sally had already found her dog. Unfortunately, a lightening bolt came down on her! Or would have, if something had not shoved her out of the way and took the hit instead.

The person who did miraculously survived the lightening strike was found to be a young male blue furred hedgehog. He was soon treated and, at the bequest of the king, Maximillian Acorn, was later adopted by his good friend and royal tinkerer Charles, whom the child called Uncle Chuck. He was eventually named Sonic as an idea by Sally.

Fast forward eight years. Sonic grows up to be an athletic and healthy teenager, raised well by Charles, and has become good friends to both Sally Acorn and the rest of the royal family. Sonic was one of the cool kids, mostly due to a combination of his super speed, courage, and sociable. He especially loved hanging out with the family's head scientist Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, much to the chargin of Robotnik's nephew Snively.

However, Sonic and his friends were completely ignorant to the political turmoil hiding behind the scenes. Ever since the 1950's the House of Acorn has been trying to institute advanced technology to the then Medieval society of South Island, the king at the time Frederick Acorn becoming inspired by the great heroes at the time, such as Captain America and the Flash, and of tales of a wondrous place called Beacon City. His efforts and the efforts of his descendents were mixed, however, as some technologies were welcomed openly while others completely shunned, while there were Mobians who were completely against the idea of human technology within their society. The loudest of these dissenters were those in the Ministries of Magic and War respectively*. This finally reached its boiling point when Maximillian Acorn announced that South Island would officially open its doors to outsiders and had began talks of joining the United Nations, which, if accepted, would make it the last Mobian civilization to be fully integrated with the rest of the planet's governments.

This caused dissenters to go into an absolute uproar. Almost a weak later, the Minister of War, a skunk named Ian St. John, staged a coup against the royal family, planning to execute them and reinstitute South Island's isolationist status and declaring war on any who wish to come upon the island, especially humans. But almost right after the coup began, it was immediately quashed when Dr. Robotnik initiated a hostile takeover of the entire island, unveiling a massive army of robots he had been building ever since he started working for the House of Acorn. After taking over the island, he initiated his own plans of using the island as his main base of operations, renaming the island Robotnikland, for his plans of world domination!

Sally Acorn, Sonic, and several Mobians managed to escape into the Knothole Forest while the rest of the population were rounded up and either forced to work for Robotnik in his factories to build up his impending army or forced to convert their businesses to serve his future empire; killed for actively trying to oppose him; or worst of all, thrown into his dreaded Roboticizer, a horrid machine Robotnik used against those he particularly despised that transformed the victims into mindless, soulless androids who are programmed to forever serve the madman. Very few of the those who escaped Robotnik's wrath had the courage to actually stand up against the scientist's regime, and they banded together to become a group of Freedom Fighters to strike at the Robotnik empire. Led by Sally Acorn, the only surviving member of the Royal Family,and spear headed by Sonic, the Freedom Fighter managed to strike a decisive blow against Robotnik after a whole year of guerilla warfare, forcing the scientist to flee from the island and bringing peace back to South Island.

While offered a position of leadership in South Island's new government, Sonic declined, deciding to opt instead to pursue Robotnik, to make sure he does not succeed in conquering the world like he did with South Island. In truth though, the hedgehog used Robotnik as an excuse to travel the world.......

For the next two years, Sonic the Hedgehog traveled around the planet, having met all sorts of new people and having been to every continent at least once. During his many adventures, he has gained many a true friend. They include Miles "Tails" Prower, a two tailed fox who is a child prodigy who's genius even surpasses Robotnik's; Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog fangirl who always loves to chase around the Blue Blur and wants to marry him; Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of Angel Island and its Master Emerald; and, surprisingly, billionaire Bruce Wayne, whom the hedgehog unintentionally rescued from the Batman's greatest foe the JokerRiddler.

And while Robotnik, now commonly referred to by his middle name Eggman, has and will always be seen as Sonic's greatest villain, Sonic has amassed his own Rogue's Gallery during his two years of travel with varying levels of danger to the hedgehog. They include Grimer, a slimy roboticist who is constantly jealous of the work of others; Ixis Naugus, former Minister of Magic for the House of Acorn turned super villain who wants to world domination as much as Eggman; the Brotherhood of Metallix, a cult made of various failed robotic clones of Sonic; bounty hunters Sleet and Dingo, hired directly by Robotnik to hunt down Sonic; the Iron Queen, a powerful socorress who manages to combination her arcane magics with digital technology; and lastly, Metal Sonic, an evil robotic copy of Sonic himself and quite possibly his most dangerous villain to date.

Sonic eventually became a world famous hero, though mostly recognizable in Japan, the United States, and Northern Europe, and certainly not to the levels as either Batman or the heroes of yore. He has also become a source of inspiration among the Mobian race, few going as far as calling him the Mobian Captain America. Sonic himself takes it all in stride though, never letting the fame bog him down from traveling the world.

While Sonic has been to Beacon City before, he comes back to the city, mostly to revel in the excitement of the increased villain activity there. Officially though he's looking to confirm a hot tip Sally received concerning her long lost older brother actually living there. What Sonic's hoping though is that Robotnik would try something in Beacon City. It has been a while since the whole Station Square fiasco........

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Beacon City - A Superhero Crossover RP (2024)
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